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Updated 3rd December 2005

Locating the central hull spine frame.

Now the deck is up the other way, all the printed lines are on the under side! Making sure all the parts were straight, I used frames 8 and 12, lined up with their counterparts under the deck, to locate the central spine frame. I glued the frames in place but didnít glue the spine just yet, so it could be adjusted as the other frames went into place.

All central frames glued int place.

Next, the other central frames, and when they are OK, I glued the central spine to the deck. One slight modification I made, the central slots for frames 8 and 12 were not quite long enough so these were extended to allow them to sit properly on the deck.

Getting the forward central spine in the right place before gluing it.

The forward section of the spine frame was treated the same way. I added pieces of scrap card either side of the joint between this part and the central spine. In this view I am adjusting the position slightly to align the bow and the frame lines between top and bottom spine parts.

More frames glued into place, this time at the bow.

Frames added forward this time, again making sure everything was lined up before applying the glue.

Longitudinal frames added.

When all the frames were in place, the longitudinal frames are dropped into their notches, and carefully glued. Everything was fitting perfectly!

Overall view showing the casement decks in place.

Overall view showing he complete hull framework, including the casement decks. I had a couple of tiny adjustments to make to get these parts into their correct locations. I also added reinforcing pieces under the joints, as well as a few more ribs around the bow of the hull.

One modification I made was to let in two short pieces of plastic tube into the underside of the hull. These will act as pockets for the base supports for the model when it is displayed.

Next job, a mammoth print run to make all the hull plating. Digital Navys building guide suggests printing at least two sets in one go, to reduce the risk of colour shifts between print runs. Iíd better get some more ink cartridges!

More soon! Call by to see what has happened, any comments do send me an E-mail.