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Updated 3rd December 2005

Glueing the main deck together

Glueing the two sections of the main deck together. Make sure the upper surfaces are level, otherwise it will be almost impossible to hide the join. Wooden blocks support the decks while the glue cures. I used Cyano for this joint.

Braces glued across the join in the deck

I reinforced the deck joint with several pieces of square section acrylic bar, cyano glued to the underside. Anything sturdy would do here, wood, plastic, whatever you have to hand; it won’t be seen.

Glueing the deck into place, starting at the stern.

The main deck can then be glued into the hull. Fit is good, but there are several bits of flash, mould gate and roughness to clean up before it will sit into the recess. My hull had a very slight twist along its length, so I started glueing at the stern, allowed the join to set, then used a thick piece of MDF and the three wooden blocks to make sure the hull was untwisted, before I glued the rest of the deck in place. See the picture below for this process.

Making sure the hull and deck are straight while the glue hardens.

Deck and hull being held straight while the edge join is glued.

Foredeck doesn't fit very well!

Foredeck fit is not so good, and you can see in this picture the deck edge will need trimming slightly to allow it to drop into the hull correctly. Do not force the deck into place as this will break the main deck joint.

Foredeck trimmed, and glued into place.

Now the foredeck is trimmed and locates into the hull, it can be glued into place. I used draughting paper tape to hold it while the glue cures. For this joint, I used liquid polystyrene cement except for the bow area, where cyano held securely and quickly.

Filling the various holes and flaws with auto body filler.

As the model is designed, most of the deck equipment fits into moulded recesses. This makes painting easy, but I think looks a bit crude, so I decided to fill all these recesses. Also the deck tracks for the mine transporters were ‘soft’, so off they came as well! I hope I can replace them with something neater! I used a scalpel to remove the bulk of the waste, auto body filler in the holes, and sanded the deck smooth when it had hardened. Next time I will be more careful applying the filler; it is much easier to apply a little more if needed, than sand away lots of surplus hard filler!

More filling, this time on the bow and foredeck.

Same work done on the foredeck. I have also filled the window apertures in this area as I think they are too high. Drilling new ones will be a simple job, once I have worked out the correct positions.

More flaws filled, including the port holes which are too close to the deck.

Foredeck sanding under way. There will be quite a lot of cleaning up to be done along the edges of the deck. I have also removed the location bars for the Cruise Missile Launch Tubes as this are will also need some rebuilding work.