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Updated 3rd December 2005


Useful links to reference, modelling and material websites.

Home of Rhinoceros, 3D modelling software.

Darius Lipinski has some excellent 3D and paper model ships here.


Very useful site for scale model ship modellers.

White Ensign Models

One of the best sources for scale ship modellers; kits, reference, materials, everything!

Skytrex Ltd

Source for 1:200 scale AFVs, trucks and other accessories; WWII as well as Modern.

Model Boat Plans

UK agent for several series of plans, including Jecobin, GMS and Lambert.

Model Boat Magazine

Monthly UK magazine, source for many plan sets.

Floating Drydock

US source for ship plans, ordnance drawings, colour schemes, kits and loads more.

Aeroclub Models

Huge range of aviation models, and useful tools and materials for the advanced scale modeller.

Proops Brothers Ltd

UK suppler of interesting tools.

Hobbycraft Ltd

UK chain of craft and hobby shops.


UK custom etching service, and lots more besides!

Excellent site with kit reviews, techniques, gallery, links and forum.

SeaPhoto Maritime Photography

Extensive source of print and digital ship photographs.

Trumpeter Plastic Models

Home page for this prolific new plastic kit manufacturer.

Ship modelling web site, lots of kit and book reviews, gallery, reference material.

Antics Model Shops

Online Model Shop, with High Street branches throughout the South-West United Kingdom.

Plastruct Inc.

Fantastic range of plastic materials for engineering, architectural and other model projects.

John Lambert Plans

Wonderful source of scale drawings of smaller Royal Navy vessels and ordnance. Invaluable.





Bristol Advanced Motorcyclists

My other pass-time, and the reason why web site updates are a bit delayed sometimes!


Useful links to Sovremenny Destroyer web sites.



AAA Hobby’s Sovremenny review

Excellent kit description and reference source for this warship.

Sean Hert’s review on SMMLOnline

Parts of the Trumpeter kit illustrated.

Guido Hopp at

Blow-by-Blow account! Very thorough and well illustrated, read both parts. Great stuff!

Sovremenny Class photographs

Mikael Jarnasen provides a wealth of detailed photographs on his site.

Federation of American Scientists

Detailed description of the Sovremenny class with numerous photographs.

Pics of Scrapped Sovremenny

Collection of pictures of the ‘Sovremenny’ being broken up. Sad, but very useful for the modeller.

Uwe Zimmermann’s Ship Photos

Uwe Zimmermann has a collection of very useful pictures of the Sovremenny class and other ships.

GMS, St Petersburg, Russia

Source of scale plans, parts and some amazing maritime models.

Sergey Myagkov

Moscow-based book supplier specializing in Navy subjects, Russian, Soviet and much more!




Useful links to Landing Craft  websites.



World War 2 LCT’s

Web site devoted to World War 2 LCT's. Mostly US subject matter, lots of links elsewhere.

Accurate Armour Ltd

Fantastic range of 1:35 cast resin AFV kits, soon to release an LCT Mk 4 landing craft.