Sovremenny Additional Parts List

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Updated 3rd December 2005

This page is a listing of the extra parts to be made for the Sovremenny project as resin or white metal castings, or photo etched metal. As most of this work will be done by others, I don’t want to forget anything! I will be adding to this list as I work through the rest of the project, but if you spot anything I have missed, please do drop me a line here ! Best subjects will be those needed in some quantity, such as the life raft canisters, or very fine detail. The stack intake grilles are a good example of where etched parts could look very realistic. I won’t be duplicating anything in the White Ensign photo etched Sovremenny set, as this is considered a ‘must-have’ item if you are building this model. You can see more details of this here. Search for items PE 2001 and PRO 2001, which is the replacement 130 mm turret set.

The lists are in no particular order yet, just noted down as items occur to me.

Photo Etched Items

Stack intake grilles, window rain wipers, life raft support frames, smoke marker covers, boat props and rudders, rails, helo deck safety net supports, ships plaque,

Water slide Decal Items

Life ring names, ship names in red/yellow, sighted aircraft tally, boat names, door labels,

Cast Resin or White Metal Items

Life raft canisters, bells, speaker horns, air exhaust vents, lockers and equipment boxes. Crew figures. Ships boats. Torpedo tubes.

Some of these items will be available shortly via my eBay shop, which you can view by clicking here.